What are Dimmers

 What Size Dimmer Do I Need

Dimmers come in Maximum Wattage Sizes e.g. 600watt. 1000 Watt . 1500 Watt ect

Dimmers are designed for use on Incadesent Lighting (Typical household light bulbs- Not Flouresent Lights) To figure which dimmer you need just add up the wattage of the lights on the switch.

Example 4 light fixtures using 120watt bulbs =480watts so these lights will work fine on a 600watt dimmer

Example 2 light fixtures using 60watt bulbs each = 120watts so you need a 600watt dimmer

If you put over 600 watts on a 600watt dimmer. the dimmer will become really hot .may or may not burn out. but definitely is a fire hazard.

The closer you get to the maximum wattage of the dimmer. the hotter it gets.