Need an Electrician

  Honesty: We give you the facts, All the options.

No Sales Pitch: Everyone calls wanting someone to come out and give a free estimate. We give estimates over the phone, and stand by our estimates regardless. We are not coming out to sell you on the idea that you need to let us do the work, nor do we tell you that you need a new electrical box or other service if you really don t. We have been doing electrical work most all of our lives, and know what you have without having to make a trip to look at it.

We ask a lot of questions: Why so we can have a idea about the scope of the work, so we can bring what parts, material ect that we need to do the job without having to go get it after we begin work. A trip to pickup parts is another hour that you typically is charged for whether you realize it or not.

We don t work by the hour: With us you have a firm price on what the end price will be (excluding taxes). You know what it cost without having to worry about someone saying, "I m sorry but it s going to cost a little more than what we discussed", you say "how much more" and told "only a couple hundred dollars more."

You get what you pay for: We do excellent work, We pride ourselves on being an excellent troubleshooter.