Houston Electrical Service

  Service Calls

Examples of Typical Service Call

  1. 1 or more plugs or switches stopped working
  2. No Power at All
  3. Partial Power - Part of my house don't work
  4. Tree fell on the power lines to my house
  5. Plugs gets very hot>
  6. Underground wires are bad
  7. Getting shocked when touching appliances ect
  8. Lights or appliances don't work
  9. Lights Flicker and Dim
  10. Breaker box makes frying noise
  11. Outdoor and Bathroom Plugs don't work
  12. Breaker keeps tripping
  13. Tried to Repair myself and now part of house don't work
  14. A/C serviceman say I have an electrical problem
  15. Have Aluminum wire and having problem
  16. Outdoor Post Lights don't come on when it gets dark
  17. Smell something burning
  18. Kitchen  Flouresent Light Problems
  19. Under Counter Lights work sometimes

 We Work After Hours and Some Weekends