What does it take to become an Electrician

Qualifications for being Licensed Electrician

  1. Master Electrician License - 6 or more years as an electrician and having passed the Master s Exam.
The Master is the only one that can pull permits. Meaning this person has satisfied the city or state
requirements for the necessary experience. insurance requirements ect. Typically the master is the
owner of the company. although some companies exists with an employee who is the Master Electrician.

2. Journeyman Electrician - 4 or more years as an electrician and passed the Journeyman Exam.
This person typically is the one who actually performs the work. This person cannot pull any permits
whatsoever. Although some journeymen have access to Master Electricians who pull permits for them it
is actually illegal. Some journeymen will tell you that they can get a permit. just to get the job. then
do the work and get paid. then if a permit is actually required. will be unreachable after getting paid .
Then the permit is Your Problem. You ll have to call around and find a real company that want s to help
you. You re paying twice for the same job. because if it s done incorrectly it may have to be reinstalled.
Why? Because it has to be inspected by the city electrical inspector who will not pass the job unless it
has the proper permits and the work done correctly. and the permit cost may be doubled. if the work was
started before the job had an official permit on site.

3.Apprentice Electrician - 1 to 4 years experience - Must work under the supervision of a journeman